Off on Vacation

The podcast will be taking a break as I head to South Korea for a live blogging gig and then return to head out with the family to Cambodia. I will be back at it towards the end of April. See you then!

Who Gets to Say It’s Broken?

Secrets of Better Business Podcast Episode 8 Who say’s when something’s broken? Is it you, me, someone else? I re-watched Seth Godin’s Ted Talk, This is Broken which had me thinking on the subject last week. The bottom line is something is broken if you think it’s broken. Basically, it’s relative to you.  But what […]

Don’t Open A Small Business If You Really Want a Big One

Big Isn’t For Everyone Secrets of Better Business, Episode 7. Every small business owner defines success differently and not everyone is looking to run an empire. I look back on my time when I owned Fizz Bath Shop and I wish we didn’t grow quite as fast as we did. In fact, I wish I had […]

Leverage The Believers – Episode 6

Welcome! You may notice I am moving the podcast show notes over to I am consolidating all of my content onto one site minus my weekly splurge on Medium and my guest and feature posting gigs. I have had several comments from readers that it would be just easier to find me if I […]

The Power of “I Don’t Know”

The Power of I don't know

Podcast Episode 4 - The Power of I Don’t Know In this episode I talk about the power of “I don’t know”. Why are we so afraid to say “I don’t know”? Is it because we will be seen as less of an expert? Or that we give up some of the control that knowing gives us? […]

Stand Firm, Be Flexible

Stand Firm Be Flexible

  Podcast Episode 4 - Stand Firm, Be Flexible and Equal Effort In this episode I talk about when to stand firm and when to be flexible. I also include a bonus tip or thought on the statement that all effort is created equal. Whether you are swimming laps, watching TV or working around the clock, […]

Being Great is Great but Being Different is Best

Being Different in Business is Best

Podcast Episode 3 - Being Great is Great but Being Different is Best In this episode I talk about the importance of differentiating your business. I am releasing an entire course on this subject inside the Secrets of Better Business Site – it’s that important. There is some fear associated with breaking from the pack but […]

Do What You Say You’re Going to Do

Podcast Episode 2 - Do What You Say You’re Going to Do Click to Download Podcast. In this episode I reference one of Danielle Laporte’s success tips, do what you say you’re going to do from her article THE secret to success. This is IT. For reals. Doing what you say you’re going to do seems like […]

See It Then You’ll Believe It

Secrets of Better Business Podcast

Podcast Episode 1 - See It Then You’ll Believe It Click to Download Podcast. On this episode of the Secrets of Better Business podcast, I talk all seeing it then believing it instead of the other way around. I a firm believer in the power of one’s mind. What you see around you is your reality. And […]

Let Me Introduce Myself

Kim Yuhl, Creator of Secrets of Better Business

Hi I’m Kim Yuhl, the creator of Secrets of Better Business, a program designed to help small business owners work smarter and dream bigger. I am passionate about the role that small businesses and their owners play in building strong and thriving communities. I have worked alongside many dedicated, purposeful and creative men and women […]